Protection from Abuse is an emergency petition that is used when there has been an incident of abuse as defined by the Protection from Abuse Act and the emergency petition evicts, at least on a temporary basis, the accused abuser from the home until a full hearing or an agreement is reached.

Defense of such an action is based upon the petition filed, facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations and whether the claimed abuse actually fits the definitions in the Act. If there has been an act of abuse and physical harm done, it is prudent to seek medical care and to photograph any injuries. There are Women's Centers to assist with abuse incidents and to assist with long term, abusive relationships.

If you are thinking about filing a Petition for Protection from Abuse or one has been filed against you, it is very important to consult an experienced attorney as rights to live in the home and to see children could be affected. A hearing on this kind of petition occurs very quickly and preparation is important.

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